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This video is just a little more on Wifi and the dangers it poses. Please remember to turn off Wifi at home at night. Switch off all mobile devices. Avoid smart technology in fridges and electricity meters. Say no to the toxic and damaging effects of Wifi.

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WiFi and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

From Natural News:

“A central Massachusetts boarding school is being sued by parents who claim their 12-year-old son has fallen ill due to the school’s unusually strong Wi-Fi signal.

According to the parents, their son (referred to publicly as “G”) has been diagnosed with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). He began suffering headaches, nausea and nosebleeds shortly after the Fay School in Southboro upgraded to a stronger Wi-Fi signal in 2013. They are now asking the court to compel the school to either turn down its wireless signal or switch to a completely wired (Ethernet cable) Internet system, in addition to $250,000 in damages. […]

According to the family’s lawyer, John J.E. Markham, II, G’s “ability to do well in class” has suffered due to his EHS. It is unclear whether remaining in the school places him at risk of any long-term health consequences.

According to G’s family, the Wi-Fi system at Fay School “emits substantially greater radiofrequency/microwave emissions than … more low-grade systems used in most homes.” When G first began suffering symptoms of EHS, his parents asked to meet with representatives of Fay School to come up with a plan to accommodate his health needs. They say the school repeatedly refused any meetings and threatened to kick G out of school if his parents talked to anyone else about his Wi-Fi-related health problems.” (source)

I’ve written before about issues with RF radiation and the dangers they pose to youngsters in school. Please go back and read my previous post (click here) and watch the video for more information on this vital subject.

This article underlines the need for awareness when it comes to the possible effect of WiFi on the outcome of a child’s education – if a child is doing poorly will any parent even think to question whether WiFi is part of the picture?

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Weekend Inspiration – Erica Mallery-Blythe

Now this one isn’t going to light any fires of educational ‘zing’, in fact it’s going to do quite the opposite – it’s going to make you quite angry, and possibly very angry – because you have not been told this information which is affecting you and your children both at home and at school or work.

Erica Mallery-Blythe takes the lid off (in a very clear and understandable way) the effects of RF radiation from cell phones and Wifi, so that you can see the very dangerous health implications that you NEED to know about. From today, you will never think about the ‘convenience’ of Wifi the same way again.

I urge you strongly to do the following things:

  1. Switch off ALL mobile phones/tablets and other Wifi enabled electrics in the house at night.
  2. Switch off your Wifi internet router at night. If this is something you find hard to remember to do, buy a plug in socket timer and set it to go off and on automatically.
  3. Use cabled internet whenever possible.
  4. AVOID purchasing or installing ANY ‘smart’ devices – ‘smart’ meters/fridges/washing machines now are Wifi enabled, and will transmit signals 24/7.

There is a conference coming up in the UK, so if you are local to it, you might like to attend and find out more: (Link)


There is also lots of other great information about metering and RF protection on the internet, particularly youtube. For the latest information on the campaign to protect against ‘smart’ meters, you can visit:

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