In memoriam: “Dadism” II

Another of my father’s sayings, which I have appropriated. I don’t know where he got it from, but it’s such a great phrase!


Finding a background of a climbing wall just seemed perfect for this.

I hope you enjoy this one.

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In memoriam

My Dad would have been 94 today. He passed away ten years ago this year, and I thought I would share, just for fun, some of his catchphrases, which I call “Dadisms”. I’ll be sharing one every few days until the 26th, which is the tenth anniversary of his passing. I hope these amuse you and put a smile on your face!


I hope this needs no explanation! (Read it backwards)

What catchphrases do you have from your parents? Share them in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

Have a great weekend!



The Politics of Compulsory Education – MUST LISTEN

Now you might think that this blog is just about voice coaching, but there is a lot more than this to the message I want to share. There are times when this blog will get undeniably (and seriously) political. If I find information which I think you need, I’ll post it. I hope that kind of post will inspire you in how you educate your kids, or how you allow the state to. Much of what needs to change in the UK in particular (but also a cross the world) is down to you to make happen.

I found this talk yesterday. I found it compelling. His arguments are clear – the mode of compulsory education was designed from its beginning to make class distinctions more distinct on the basis of highly flawed Darwinian notions. So if you are poor you will stay that way (or at least that is the intention) – not just financially, but in your ability to use your mind to better yourself in any way.

What inspired me to find this talk was a comment made about the Prussian system of education – which was designed to make students into obedient serfs to authority.

I found John Taylor Gatto’s conclusions, although brief, compelling and inspiring. Listen and learn from a 30 year career teacher just what is wrong with the schooling we have today.

Please let me know what you think – leave a comment!

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A poem reading: Roald Dahl’s ‘Denstist and the Crocodile’

Do listen to this reading and note the importance of vocal expression in really taking this poem to the next level. This is the beauty of using poetry in our voice coaching lessons – it gives an opportunity for us to ‘act’ without having to tread the boards of a stage! Once you learn how to express yourself and enunciate well and clearly, your day-to-day voice changes subtly – it becomes more interesting for others to listen to.

I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes

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Hi there, and welcome to the Glorious! voice coaching blog

First, let me say a big welcome! Thank you for visiting. I hope this blog will bring you and your families a greater understanding of what voice and communication coaching is all about.

Let me begin by saying what it’s not – it’s not about getting rid of a beautiful accent and talking like the old-fashioned BBC of the 1950s! Your accent may diminish during our work together, but that is just as your enunciation improves, and as your vocal habits get worked on.

It is, however, all about giving you the confidence in your communication to be an interesting speaker who people want to listen to. Not everyone can achieve the perfect grades they want at school, but a good voice and knowing how to use it will take you far. Read my story here: click!

Glorious! is about your voice, which is your ultimate tool of personal expression – whether you are young or old – this is the tool we never care for, we never consider the impact of, yet it’s the second thing people notice about you after your physical appearance – that’s HUGE! And, no, it’s not about what you are saying, but the tone and timbre of your voice.

So who are my clients? Well, thanks to Skype, I will work with you wherever you are in the world! I work with youngsters from about the age of 10 all the way up to adults who want to improve their voice to improve their chances of promotion, or who are actors (whether amateur or professional), or who are involved in public speaking of any kind which requires a good voice to engage their audience.

Lessons are fun! I choose material which is engaging and interesting, and which makes us think! I always include, within lessons, snippets of useful information and a Q&A about words which have come up in the works we’ve used. Words are the way we express ourselves vocally – and not being afraid of long words is vital if we are going to navigate through life (or even read the ingredients lists on our food!), so I like to help students by teaching them how to break down words into their constituent parts, which can help them later to have a good idea of what a word means without being taught that specific word. I also set occasional homework, but nothing too onerous.

This blog is here to back up our work, provide a resource for great poetry (one of the prime tools I use in voice coaching – read about ‘Why poetry?’ here: click!), and also to share the other things which I think are important to education. There are times this will stray into seriously political areas, but that is because I believe this information is vital for parents at this pivotal time in history.

I consider this blog to be PG rated – please feel free to share posts which you think are appropriate for your child’s age group with them directly. Political items are aimed at parents.

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