My thoughts and observations on a fortnight on Twitter

This is my beginner’s guide, if you like, because on the 1st August I joined Twitter for my voice coaching business to see what would happen. Business and Twitter are often considered to go hand in hand, which is all well and good – but it takes WORK. Oh, and a few other things. Which I will now share with you.

One of the greatest criticisms levelled at Twitter by people I have followed and read the articles of in the last two weeks is that it’s a ‘shout box’ with a lot of people speaking but very few listening. In the case of this particular company I was following it was clear THEY were using it as a shoutbox, because as soon as I started following them I was getting a tweet every two or three minutes, repeating every hour or so the same tweets again and again. I unfollowed them immediately.

Then again there are those folks who re-tweet something so useful and helpful that you just have to say thank you, and it leads to not only following each other, but trying out their product or using their website and sharing their achievements far and wide. These are the guys I came to Twitter for.

One of the first things I recommend you do when you join, is to follow a couple of ‘Inspiring Quotes’ type Twitter accounts – they’ll keep your feed nicely topped up with good vibes throughout the day, and you can also re-tweet those good vibes to others. Why not share the good feelings and inspiration?

Over-all my first two weeks on Twitter have been inspirational. I’ve still got a lot to learn about some of the how – how on earth do I get Emojis? Anyone know?

So my potted observations are thus:

Keep your Twitter followers down to a level where you can give each tweet the attention it deserves. If you get to the point where you can’t, then trim your list you follow so that you can. If you’re letting dozens of tweets fly by, then you are missing a lot. Obviously you can’t read every tweet, but if you have someone you’re following who is using Twitter as a ‘shout box’ they are really blotting out any chance of you reading other people’s tweets. Ditch them.

Follow people who inspire you. Follow famous people you want to be like (you may quickly decide you don’t, but that’s fine). Follow businesses you admire. Follow people who tweet inspiring stuff. Follow people in your industry and follow people in unrelated fields that interest you. Make sure you follow enough people that your feed is always ticking over nicely throughout the day.

Connect whenever possible – re-tweet stuff you like, and comment as you do. Connect, and DM with folks you feel an affinity for.


Have you used Twitter? What’s your experience of it? Do share in the comments.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voice coach

Why you should follow me on Twitter!

Why on earth would you want to follow me on Twitter, when you’re already following me here? Well, because there are things I spot all over the internet which relate to health, family life, inspiration and (a weakness of mine) pens and stationery (sssh!), which I share on Twitter, but don’t have time to write posts about here.

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Lis Goodwin – your voice coach