The Politics of Compulsory Education – MUST LISTEN

Now you might think that this blog is just about voice coaching, but there is a lot more than this to the message I want to share. There are times when this blog will get undeniably (and seriously) political. If I find information which I think you need, I’ll post it. I hope that kind of post will inspire you in how you educate your kids, or how you allow the state to. Much of what needs to change in the UK in particular (but also a cross the world) is down to you to make happen.

I found this talk yesterday. I found it compelling. His arguments are clear – the mode of compulsory education was designed from its beginning to make class distinctions more distinct on the basis of highly flawed Darwinian notions. So if you are poor you will stay that way (or at least that is the intention) – not just financially, but in your ability to use your mind to better yourself in any way.

What inspired me to find this talk was a comment made about the Prussian system of education – which was designed to make students into obedient serfs to authority.

I found John Taylor Gatto’s conclusions, although brief, compelling and inspiring. Listen and learn from a 30 year career teacher just what is wrong with the schooling we have today.

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Lis Goodwin, your voice coach