Salvation – a poem by Lis Goodwin

I’ve said, time and time again,

that the knives you’ve sharpened

will one day stop hurting me,

and I shall live.


I am healing, and as my life now grows,

those knives of yours are less fearful

to me.


I no longer flinch when you use them:

your sharpened, wounding words.

I no longer blink.


Am I hardened? Am I well?

Have I developed a shell?

Or is this true strength?


Only God knows the work He has wrought in me.

Only God knows why He chose to save me from you.

Only God knows His plan

for me.


Lis Goodwin ©2016

Getaway – a poem by Lis Goodwin


I came here to get away from you.

For a break from our stress:



I came to admire this place,  and found

that I had walked into your

cold, cold heart;


that I had booked myself a place – a room –

inside your feelings for me:

inside you.


I shivered, and spun on my heel.

I knew I had to leave:

both this place, and you.


Lis Goodwin ©2016


To read more about the ice-hotel, click here: Link

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Melt – a poem by Lis Goodwin


I knew when I met you, you’d hurt me.

I saw the bitter disappointments of your past

And thought I could out-weigh them.


The see-saw tottered for all those years – yet I felt I’d won;

Then you walked away – tired, you said – exhausted by my kindness and my care,

when you were used to abuse.


My weight – my love – was too soft for you.

Lis Goodwin ©2016

Thank you / mulţumesc to Alex Blajan for the inspirational photograph. You can find Alex at

Pickled Pepper: A Moral Tale!

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper;
but what if, just to test her,
he offered pepper (what a jester)
to his pretty sister, Hester
saying here’s face powder (to suit her).

If Peter Piper offered pickled pepper to his sister, Hester?

Hester, with a fluster, sneezing (bless her)
would chase, and batter Peter, and
chuck his pepper in his peepers!

Leaving sneezing, watering-eyed Peter
pepperless, battered, bruised and wheezing
having learned the lesson of his teasing!

Remember younger, smaller sibling:
It is unfeasible
to assume your bigger sister teasable!

© Lis Goodwin 2016

I had fun writing this – I hope you enjoyed it!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voice coach

Thoughts on Evening – a poem by Lis Goodwin


The dark looms,

like a tall man getting closer.

And the trees seem to bleed,

shimmering their darkness

into the reflected blue water of evening.


Lights drip, rippling and pouring;

spilling carelessly towards you

as the water moves.


And the softest sound,

the gentlest warm breeze

caresses the grasses and comforts your soul,

your ear,

in the dark.


© Lis Goodwin 2016


I hope you enjoyed this – when I saw the picture, I felt it called for a poem.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voce coach


Image credit: Circe Denyer Evening Empty Bench Free Stock Photo – Public Domain Pictures

In Praise of Flies – a poem by Lis Goodwin


Thank God for maggots!

Praise the Lord for flies!

Without them the redolent stench of death would bring water to our eyes!


The rotting fox in the hedgerow,

The fatally wounded mouse

not only the country’s saved the smell, but indeed so is your house!


Even the little shrew,

bats, mice and rats aren’t immune –

death gets them all, and flies are the clean-up crew!


Thank God for maggots!

Praise the Lord for flies!

Without them the redolent stench of death would bring water to our eyes!


© Lis Goodwin 2016


Don’t ask me about what prompted the mental processes which produced this little ‘gem’. Just don’t ask….


Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voice coach

Image credit: Peter Häger

The Invention of Flight

Where is my pant-seat?

It’s fifty feet below –

I’m soaring high, and left it

down there in the snow.

Perhaps you think that

what I say is trite,

But I’m Clement Ader,

I think I just invented flight!

© Lis Goodwin 2016

We’ve all heard about the Wright brothers, but did you know others flew first? Look at Clement Ader’s flying machine from 1890!


Wowser. Here’s what MentalFloss has to say about him:

“French inventor Clement Ader distinguished himself as the first to develop stereo sound, among his many engineering innovations. He was the first to achieve self-propelled flight, with a batwing aircraft powered by a steam engine. His first flight was around 50 meters, on October 9, 1890, a full 13 years before the Wright Brothers! He then designed a better flying machine that reportedly flew 200 yards in 1892. A public demonstration in 1897 apparently ended badly, and Ader lost his Department of War funding.” (source)

So that was my inspiration from today’s challenge ‘Fifty‘ – I hope you enjoyed it!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voice coach

Giles the Mola mola – a poem by Lis Goodwin

mola mola.jpg

Mola mola, your name must be Giles,

but I bet you can’t say it, even less with a smile.

When you say your name, it must sound like Thilthes,

as you while away your days in the sea, Mola mola.

© Lis Goodwin, 2016 All Rights Reserved


Mola mola is the Latin name for this fish, known at the ocean Sunfish. There’s a great video and more information in the article linked below, and I quote:

“A video captured by divers off the coast of Portugal shows a rare up-close encounter with a massive Mola Mola, which dwarfs the humans that swim alongside as it moves slowly in for a selfie. 

For a fish that appears to have just half a body, Mola Mola can grow to enormous dimensions.

These unusually shaped creatures, also known as ocean sunfish, are the heaviest bony fish in the world, and can weigh nearly 5,000 pounds.”

You can read more at the Daily Mail (click!) Please note the link is for the Daily Mail which is a site which is best viewed with parental supervision.

Question – how many grams in a pound? Do you know?

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach

Dawn – a poem by Lis Goodwin


I saw you this morning across the fields

You looked so pretty, and that colour really suits you

It brings out the blue in God’s eyes


Lis Goodwin © All Rights Reserved 2016

I hope you enjoyed this poem – I wrote it and it’s dedicated to my friend Dawn 🙂

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach

Picture credit: Ronald Carlson