The news from The Daily Mash “Scotland to release polar bears into the wild….”

Many thanks to the awesome people who made the photoshopped images I used here – specifically’s crew.

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Total wordy geek-fest!


Now is it just me that thinks this is just brilliant?



Ok, I’ll explain – this little tool, from Google, searches books in any time period you choose, and displays usage as a graph so that you can see when it has most references. I would say this is pretty accurate (I can’t see why it wouldn’t be) and it’s certainly fun (for a word-geek like me. Word).

In fact the minute I was faced with this tool my mind went blank – I could search for any word I wanted, and couldn’t think of any for a moment. Then they came in. I started off with the word contemn, which is found throughout the King James Bible.

contemn dictionary.jpg

Then on to another – how about demirep?


W00T! What does demirep mean? Well has a very unsatisfactory definition, so from my 1923 Nuttall’s etymological dictionary we have:

‘a woman of suspicious chastity’ (demi-reputation)

And then of course, how about obscurantist?


Haha! What is an obscurantist?


This could describe many things, people and organisations today! Just look at the government and their statutes written in legalese! Most certainly hiding knowledge from people and evading clarity. Another fascinating word!

So now – go and have fun, (Link: and please tweet your charts to me over at @Glorious_voice – I can’t wait to see what you search for!

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What does the word ‘pacific’ mean?

I used the word ‘Pacific’ today – yes because I was talking about the Pacific Ocean, and I thought immediately that we really never use the word these days for anything else. Yet the word pacific has meaning! Here it is:


So are you a ‘pacific’ kind of person? Shall we see if we can use the word a little more often? 🙂

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Can you talk like a pirate?

Monday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Yes! And you might think that this is something that I (as a voice coach) might discourage, but no, because, well it’s fun and I’m a radical! So there!


I will be uploading a special video (I hope, I’m still fighting with Audacity to see if I can MAKE THIS WORK!)

In the meantime, you’ll just have to make do with a tiny glimpse of life as a pirate! Lol!

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