I’b God a Code – a poem by Kenn Nesbitt

“I’b sick,” I pout ad blow my doze.
“I’b misseeg all by favorite shows.
I hab to stay id bed, you see.
My mob wode led me watch T.B.
She breegs me chicked soup ad says
that I should try to get sub resd.
Bud I’b too bored ad icky feeleeg
tired of stareeg ad the ceileeg,
achy, cougheeg, stuffed up too.
Bud thaks for askeeg. How are you?”

–Kenn Nesbitt

This is me right now – I can read this very well! *sniffs*

Visit Kenn’s website http://www.poetry4kids.com for more

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


The Setter Sweater Store – a poem by Kenn Nesbitt

This is a great poem, and fun to read. It’s a great way to introduce the idea of tongue twisters, and encourages clients to think about meter and measure of their voice, in order to speak clearly and not just race through it as some kind of speed challenge!

I hope you enjoy it!

You can visit Kenn’s website at www.poetry4kids.com

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach