Melt – a poem by Lis Goodwin


I knew when I met you, you’d hurt me.

I saw the bitter disappointments of your past

And thought I could out-weigh them.


The see-saw tottered for all those years – yet I felt I’d won;

Then you walked away – tired, you said – exhausted by my kindness and my care,

when you were used to abuse.


My weight – my love – was too soft for you.

Lis Goodwin ©2016

Thank you / mulţumesc to Alex Blajan for the inspirational photograph. You can find Alex at

Refraction and other interesting facts

This gif is fun – I thought you might like to see it and try it out for yourselves!


How clever is that? You can see the original article and 19 more interesting snippets here: Click!

Warning: Buzzfeed is not all suitable for children – be aware.

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Weekend Inspiration – Sir Ken Robinson

This video is so entertaining and yet also very inspiring – Sir Ken Robinson talks about how important creativity is and how schools may be destroying this trait.

I hope you enjoy it, and that it makes you think about how you can encourage creativity. I wish I’d had a teacher like Sir Ken Robinson when I was at school.

Let me know what you think!

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