GARDASIL?! – a poem by Sandy

Come here dear little children
Now you’re nine years old
We want the very best for you
So please be brave and bold

When you get this little jab
It’ll give you some pain
But it’ll be so good for you
Tho’ it might affect your brain

It gives your little bodies
Such a healthy feast:
Aluminium and histidine
Some virus strains and yeast

There’s polysorbate 80
But we don’t mind at all
The nurses here will catch you
If you do faint or fall

There’s borax which kills cockroaches
No joking, it is true
But the experts have told us
That it surely won’t kill you

There are many thousands
Of side effects we hear
But we hope that you’ll be lucky
And have nothing to fear

In fact nobody knows
If the jab will prevent
Any type of cancer
In any event

Some medical experts
Do in fact declare
That the jab may give you cancer
And they don’t know if it’s rare

We really want some grandchildren
When you become mature
The jab may make you sterile
Tho’ nobody is sure!

I don’t know who Sandy is, but I found her poem on a site which is a treasure trove for health information. Here’s the source link (Click!)

As a former complementary therapist, I am naturally against injecting poison into people – a health body resists disease, and the toxins in vaccines are only ever going to reduce human health and vitality, making you more suseptible to illness – often chronic.

If your child is due for vaccination, please check out this site the Billion Toddler March for Survival (Click!)

I know this is a controversial issue – I know it’s a powerfully polarised debate. However, please don’t be like this poor mother, I quote:

“Four years ago, Shannon Delaney (17), a committed cross-country runner and passionate GAA player, received her first HPV vaccine at school in Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

She was given three doses of the vaccine over a six-month period.

Her parents, Caroline and Patrick, thought it was “a good thing”. The family stress that they are “not anti-vaccination”.

Shannon and her three younger siblings have all had their shots, including the BCG and MMR, with no adverse side effects.

Looking back, her distressed mum describes the consent form as “the worst thing I’ve ever put my signature to – it has ruined Shannon and has left our family in turmoil”.” (source)

Her regrets are shared by many parents who trusted drug manufacturers and doctors to know what is best. Parents MUST educate themselves and secide based on the evidence what is right for their child and their family.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


Weekend Inspiration – Erica Mallery-Blythe

Now this one isn’t going to light any fires of educational ‘zing’, in fact it’s going to do quite the opposite – it’s going to make you quite angry, and possibly very angry – because you have not been told this information which is affecting you and your children both at home and at school or work.

Erica Mallery-Blythe takes the lid off (in a very clear and understandable way) the effects of RF radiation from cell phones and Wifi, so that you can see the very dangerous health implications that you NEED to know about. From today, you will never think about the ‘convenience’ of Wifi the same way again.

I urge you strongly to do the following things:

  1. Switch off ALL mobile phones/tablets and other Wifi enabled electrics in the house at night.
  2. Switch off your Wifi internet router at night. If this is something you find hard to remember to do, buy a plug in socket timer and set it to go off and on automatically.
  3. Use cabled internet whenever possible.
  4. AVOID purchasing or installing ANY ‘smart’ devices – ‘smart’ meters/fridges/washing machines now are Wifi enabled, and will transmit signals 24/7.

There is a conference coming up in the UK, so if you are local to it, you might like to attend and find out more: (Link)


There is also lots of other great information about metering and RF protection on the internet, particularly youtube. For the latest information on the campaign to protect against ‘smart’ meters, you can visit:

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach