‘Earthfast’ – a poem by A. S. J. Tessimond, read by Lis Goodwin

Doing this poem justice in a video was never going to be easy. There were so few images the right size which spoke to me, and worked with the poem. I was, however, amazed at the incredible variety of truly magnificent and creative architecture out there – I’m sure Tessimond would have been impressed by these had they been around in his day.

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Lis Goodwin – your voice coach


Earthfast – a poem by A. S. J. Tessimond

Architects plant their imagination, weld their poems on rock,
Clamp them to the skidding rim of the world and anchor them down to its core;
Leave more than the painter’s or poet’s snail-bright trail on a friable leaf;
Can build their chrysalis round them – stand in their sculpture’s belly.

They see through stone, they cage and partition air, they cross-rig space
With footholds, planks for a dance; yet their maze, their flying trapeze
Is pinned to the centre. They write their euclidean music standing
With a hand on a cornice of cloud, themselves set fast, earth-square.

Arthur Seymour John Tessimond

This was the poem that I chose to share when I thought, ‘Hmmm today’s prompt is ‘surface

I hope you enjoyed it!

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Lis Goodwin – your voice coach