My Story

It was a dark and stormy night…. Oh, no not that kind of story, no, my personal story of my experience with voice coaching and how it helped me.

Well, it all began when I was in school, and I was struggling very badly. I have a high IQ, but I definitely had some problems with maths and sciences which weren’t dealt with very effectively. I was also taking singing lessons (operatic ones – you can bet I don’t use those today!), and I then began lessons with a lady called Mrs Slater who became my speech coach.

I loved these lessons – oh my goodness did I love them! As I began to get ‘good at it’, there was a remarkable change in me. Having endured many years of bullying, right from my earliest school years, I began to see a reduction and then a cessation of it. Looking back I can see nothing else which was different, except this change in my voice, which was subtle, but showed an inner confidence, which I had clearly lacked before.

lis smallIn my life from school age onwards, this voice has opened doors which would otherwise have been closed to me. My qualifications from school weren’t great, and so it took personal confidence and a willingness to learn to get me work. It always worked – I was offered almost every job I applied for.

I have spent most of my life as a self-employed person, and have enjoyed three separate and very different careers. Firstly I was in horticulture, growing and selling drought tolerant plants. Then when the market changed, and I was unable to compete, I moved into complementary therapy as a Kinesiologist. In early 2015, recognising the physical toll this was taking on me, I opted to move again, and I feel God called me to take up voice coaching just the way Mrs Slater did it.

It’s no coincidence I think, that in all the years since I left that school, I had bumped into Mrs Slater on numerous occasions. Sometimes at plant sales, and sometimes in a supermarket – always unexpectedly, and always a pleasure. She commented ‘I still love your voice’ and indeed it was her gift to me – to polish my natural voice, and bring out in it as much expression as I could ever wish for, for any given situation. I believe that God kept this dear lady in the back of my mind for just this time.

One more point I want to make – this is a pivotal time in history. Never has mankind faced societal changes such as those which are coming up. For your child to get that university place, or to get the dream job they hope for, they are going to have to stand out. Their voice, along with appropriate dress for the situation gives the very best chance for them to show their abilities. Then they will shine – now that’s Glorious!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach