Great quote – building strong children

I saw this and re-tweeted it this morning, but I wanted to share it here on the blog because I know not all of you follow me on Twitter.


This is so true – so powerful. What are you doing to make your children strong and capable? How are you building them up? Do you enable your children, and build them up, or do you compete with them and attack them? Have you ever told your child they’ll never amount to anything? Your words are so powerful! They have real force.

So many broken adults in the world have pasts where they were not given the tools to be strong, capable and successful in life. Whether this was a fault in their upbringing, or a fault in their schooling – somewhere someone mistreated their natural curiosity, their natural creativity, and crushed them.

I’ve spoken before about how I was bullied, and how a good voice can help bring out  confidence, and it can, but it’s only one part of the jigsaw. It also helps if parents and teachers give constructive criticism and praise and encourage good behaviour and ideas – this can help build adults who will really succeed in life.

Think today how you can inspire your children to be great people, strong and capable!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voice coach

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