It’s complicated!

Yes, and often awkward, and all those sorts of things – when we use the word ‘complicated’ today, we are often referring to relationship status. In fact the word complicated rarely means anything nice, does it? Complications after an operation – woah, that’s never good!

Yet when we think about knitting a Fairisle jumper – well, it’s complicated (and beautiful).

fairisle sweaters.jpg

Complicated doesn’t have to be bad, and in fact the word origin is really interesting:


Moreover this term leads us into the world of biology:

complicate 2

and the botanical term ‘plicate’ also has its origin here:


Wanna see what a ‘plicate’ leaf looks like? Do ya?

plicate 2.jpg

Palm fronds are plicate.

So the word ‘complicated’ needn’t mean bad things, it can lead to Fairisle sweaters and Date Palms!

I hope you enjoyed this journey through the word ‘complicated.’

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin – your voice coach

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