“Oh, Quinoa, my dear,” – don’t you think it would make a lovely name for a posh young thing? I do 😉

Oh yes, I just had to comment on the quinoa pronunciation issue – is it “keen-wah” or “quin-o-ah”?

In Peru, it’s keen-wah – this doesn’t seem to be in dispute, but I take issue with the excessive reverence for this pronunciation of the name of this crop. Why?

Well, last time I checked, you went to Germany on that business trip, and not Deutschland. You went to Greece for a holiday not Hellas! So why this special reverence for keen-wah?

It’s quin-o-ah all the way for me!

What do you think? Should we start calling each country by the name its inhabitants call it, or will quin-o-ah do for you too? Share your musings below in the comments!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


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