Weekend Inspiration – Extreme parenting


This is a delightful alternative to keeping kids wrapped up in cotton wool – and if done carefully could have huge benefits for the child as they grow up. I quote from the article: (Link)

Mr Castrission has been a keen adventurer all his life, crossing the Tasman sea by kayak and Antarctica by foot in his earlier days.

Now he hopes Jack will follow in his footsteps and frequently exposes the toddler to the perils nature has to offer.

The little boy has propelled himself over a 100-metre cliff with his father and has dived off a boulder into water with floaties on his back to stop him sinking.

Ms Castrission admits she expects him to come home with scratches and bruises due to the nature of the adventures, but believes her three-year-old has the ability to assess the danger in each scenario.

‘Our kids have the the ability to assess risk, more than we give them credit for. I think they’re smarter than we think they are and I think we need to respect their ability to trust themselves, at where they pull back,’ she said. 

The pair also believe extreme stunts lead to ‘developmental benefits’ in young children.

‘A huge body of research has come out showing a direct correlation with spending time in nature, pushing a kids boundaries and a whole lot of great developmental benefits,’ Mr Castrission said.

What do you think? I think if I’d had some experiences like these as a youngster I might have felt more able to do all kinds of things that I would never dream of doing today!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


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