Ethics for Everyman – a poem by Roger Woddis

Throwing a bomb is bad,
Dropping a bomb is good;
Terror, no need to add,
Depends on who’s wearing the hood.

Kangaroo courts are wrong.
Specialist courts are right;
Discipline by the strong
Is fair if your collar is white.

Company profit ‘soars’,
Wages, of course ‘explode’;
Profits deserve applause,
Pay claims, the criminal code.

Daily the Church declares
Betting shops are a curse;
Gambling with stocks and shares
Enlarges the national purse.

Workers are absentees,
Businessmen relax,
Different as chalk and cheese;
Social morality
Has a duality-
One for each side of the tracks.
Roger Woddis was born in 1917, so it’s interesting to see in this poem of his just how things he saw at the time he wrote it are just the very same today. Sad but true!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


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