What makes for confident communication?

Is it all about the voice? No, but it helps.

Is it the vocabulary? Again, that is a much underused and unloved (in the modern world) tool, and improving it, and working on it will give you a greater ability to communicate accurately, which is vital if you’re going to communicate at all! It also helps you to understand more of what others communicate to you!

Is it to be extrovert? Well, that helps too, but alone it’s not enough.

When you combine a good voice with a good vocabulary and a willingness to speak (being extrovert helps, but some don’t need that so much as a reason to speak, a need to share something they know) – you’re heading for confidence.

Confidence is the thing that supports your words as you speak, and conveys them to your audience with an expectation of being heard. Not all confidently spoken words are listened to, but a lack of confidence will often work against even the most important attempts at self expression.

That’s what voice coaching is all about for me – discovering that person’s self expression and building that into inner confidence. It’s about more than speech – it’s about your voice as a person.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach



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