Weekend Inspiration – organisation stations!

Getting the children ready for school isn’t the easiest, is it? Chaotic mornings see the gym kit left behind in the kitchen and books left by the TV. Are there easier ways? Well I saw this article (Click!) and thought of you readers, and thought I would share it and some thoughts.


Look at that for a tidy hallway – each child has their organisation station, and everything gets put there the night before except lunches. Sounds great, and there are some other great pictures in the article linked above.

My thoughts – this is brilliant for small children, but avoid making the area look like the Kindergarten cloakroom. I saw one in the article with hooks on the wall and their pictures or names next to the hooks, and I remember that from school – yuck! I would have HATED that when I was a child because I hated school, so keep the style of your home, and get a unit that doesn’t look like their school lockers either!

Secondly they are going to grow out of this really quickly – with several children I can see them not wanting to leave their school bags where their siblings can look in them! A simple solution for older children is a box just inside the bedroom door – it keeps it private, and will help them to learn to be responsible in making sure they have everything in there they need each night.

I’m not an advocate for houses being overly tidy (anyone who knows me knows that), but organisation can be part of your home routine, and is a good trait to teach children.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach



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