Lessons – options and time-management

Clients who want to visit me for 1-2-1 lessons often have to travel some distance, and for them it seems wise to combine longer, 45 minute lessons with shorter, 30 minute intermediate lessons via skype. This is very helpful for those who are working on presentation skills as part of their work, because during lessons together I can have you standing to speak which you won’t naturally be doing on a computer.

Lessons with me are based purely on the time spent – there are no hidden fees or extras. I offer discounts for lessons paid for in a block of ten, and this works out to be approximately a term of lessons. It’s in fact five hours of lessons, and so I have devised a secondary option for those who want to combine lessons 1-2-1 and lessons via skype.

Your term of five hours breaks down perfectly into four 45 minute lessons and four thirty minute lessons, giving you eight lessons per block booking.

It’s a good option for those just starting, and those who want to keep within a budget.

Your voice is a tool, and it can be used to communicate your thoughts clearly and accurately, or even to persuade softly. You can develop the voice that reflects your true inner self, and that others want to hear.

Confident communication is the key!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


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