Conversation With An Iguana – a poem by Doug Gunderson

Hello my fine reptilian friend
May I share this beach with you?
We both like this tropical sun
And we have nothing to do.
I do enjoy meeting the locals
And no one’s more native than you.
So I will start with a greeting:
Good morning, and how do you do.
I do admire your lovely home,
Although I am just passing through;
I hope you don’t mind if I linger a bit
So I can sit and talk with you.
We’re not so different, despite what it seems
Given our weights and sizes;
Each enjoying this morning
As the tropical sun slowly rises
Mexican reptile, United States man
Both earthlings who live on the land;
Rather content to soak up the sun
While our toes are buried in sand
And like you, I enjoy this beach
When it’s early and no one’s around.
And like you, when the crowds come
I am nowhere to be found.
But at seven A.M. in central time
It’s just you and me and the sun.
And although you seem apathetic
I’m having quite a bit of fun.
So thank you much for your time sir.
Now I should continue my walk,
But I shall always remember
Our one sided but quaint little talk.

Doug Gunderson

This is rather fun – I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach

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