Weekend Inspiration – Thomas Suarez

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘The person who says it can’t be done should get out of the way of the person doing it’?

We should all be inspired by this youngster:

I say we should all be inspired because it’s not just the child here who has great vision to DO something, it is the parents who have raised a child without barriers that say ‘success is not for you.’

We ALL have dreams and ideas – we ALL have things we can do, yet how many of us have that indefineable quality that gets them DONE? Where does it come from, and at what point in life is it nurtured or sadly, snuffed out by parents, teachers or peers?

As someone who was bullied badly at school, I know how hard confidence is to re-build, but at what point did it first get chipped away at so badly that the bullying that started in junior school continued all the way up to my last couple of years of senior school? What was the determining factor that created that pattern? (It’s a long story, but I recall being moved FROM a class where I was being bullied, rather than the perpetrator being moved – I think that set a pattern that I believed would lose out if I made a fuss).

Discovering voice coaching was, for me, the way I overcame that. You can read my story here: Click!

So, remember that your child and you have a path in life – when parents raise children who are bold, brave and focussed it’s because of qualities they themselves have, and have passed on to their child (or a concerted effort not to repeat the mistakes of earlier generations). Teachers and peers also play a vital role in that. Don’t think that Thomas Suarez is unique – he’s blessed for sure, but he’s not unique. Your child can also be a success!

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach


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