Can you help?

Having had to change career suddenly earlier this year due to my previous work as a therapist actually making me ill (!), I have had to hit the ground running whilst still trying to heal – it’s not easy, as you can imagine.

So I’m in need – and money is scarce. I don’t want to go onto government benefits even though I’m entitled to them – I want to work! Can you help? Would you share my blog with friends and family? I’m looking for clients – aged 10 plus. Lessons are half an hour a week (or you can book 45 minutes – adults sometimes prefer that), and can be booked daytime or evening – obviously mostly they are after school. They are booked in blocks of ten – a term at a time – but you can start anytime you like. I work through school holidays too, for those who prefer that.

Lessons start at £17 each (that’s if booked as a block of ten).

It’s hard to build a business in a recession, but I believe in what I’m doing – knowing how it helped me tremendously. At a time in my life when I faced being bullied daily, it lifted me out of that, and created a confidence I so needed. The benefits have stayed with me, of course – my lessons were worth every penny.

Would you take a moment to share a blog post, or a video? To tell your friends about me?

That would be awesome, and I’d so appreciate it.

Best wishes

Lis Goodwin, your voice coach

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